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Digital Audio Video Enterprises (DAV Enterprises) consists of a large network of people in all aspects of the entertainment and technology industries. The primary link to these resources is "David DeBruin". Who has had the opportunity to travel the world (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China, India, Israel, Germany, France, Belgium, & Holland) working in as an application specialist and technical salesperson. The since 2002, David has taken his technical skills and merge them in to entertainment and promotion industry. His has written many web site in the Missoula area from Outlaw Music, Elbow Room Bar, and Jordan Construction and Egress

David DeBruin

Entertainment Industry

Although, a good percentage of his working career was spent in the "high-tech" industry, David has always kept his feet firmly planted in the music industry.  Whether it was promoting bands and special events, playing in bands, working with bar owners, or just attending some of the worlds largest events, he has always had his finger on the pulse of the entertainment industry.  Most of his friends marvel at his unique ability to throw the most entertaining and memorable events. 

What they don't know is this is only the beginning! 

"Just wait and see what's next"

Employment History

In the 23 years of employment in the Semiconductor Industry, David worked for the following companies:

Montana Support

David DeBruin founded Equipment Process Control Company in 1994, initially supporting the Semiconductor Industry. The primary focus was on optimization of equipment and processes with the use of statistical process control charts.

Because of his love for electronics and highly developed computer skills from working in the Semiconductor Industry, in 1996, David moved back to Montana and started to consult in the computer field. Since moving back, David has consulted for many private clients as well as the following companies:

David DeBruin holds two patents related to photolithography materials manufacturing using spectroscopy.

Graduate of "DeVry Institute of Technoloy"

David DeBruin is a third generation native of Montanan.  After high school, David attended and graduated from "DeVry Institute of Technology" in Phoenix, AZ in May of 1979.  After graduating,  David was recruited by Rockwell International in Newport Beach, CA

(See Employment History)

David is now focusing on the his life long love, which is the entertainment field.  From 12 years old he has played instrument and been in professional bands. 

In addition to his musical talent, he has an extensive technical and marketing background. 

After spending extensive  traveling (12 years) working in the Semi-conductor industry, David has returned to his home town to bring his refined abilities to the entertainment industry.  

Technology and Abilities


"Dave has a knack for understanding just about any technology with ease and a natural understanding of marketing."

Gary Harkins
Semiconductor Technology